Friday, December 4, 2009

Idina Menzel Wants To Guest Star On Glee

Cheno got in on the action and now another Broadway star want to get in on the Glee action! Idina Menzel wants to have a guest starring role on the hit Fox show as Lea Michele's character's biological mother! (The character of Rachel is raised by two dads.) What an ingenious idea, they do look alike! Idina's husband, actor Taye Diggs, says of their resemblance "We knew that existed far, far before the TV world did…I know that she [Idina] would love [to guest star on Glee.]" The attractive couple are big fans of the show and they TiVo the show every week. Taye says that they "are just so happy to see a lot of these theater kids get the opportunity to do some television work." We hope Idina's guest starring role pans out! They would make one ferosh mother-daughter duo!

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